My microcomputer history


I lived in Holland from the summer of 1978 to the summer of 1979 and attended 8th grade at the American School of the Hague. This is when I taught myself to program using the school’s PDP-11 (after school), along with trips to the Hague’s “computer museum” to use the time-sharing terminal and Commodore Pet.

Below was one of my first, perhaps the first, program I wrote. I remember it was when I really started to understood how programming logic worked.


I remember fondly writing my first game “Battle Star Galactica”. It was based on the popular Star Trek type games of the day.

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battlestar galactica

And others I wrote on the PDP-11:

My PDP-11 Paper Tapes:


My Name:

Probably done at the Computer Museum


Hand Coded Space Invaders for Commodore PET

I don’t think I ever got this fully working, but i do remember a single vader version mostly working. I have it saved on cassette tape somewhere. I wrote out my code and then when I got a chance took the tram into the computer museum to use the PET.

Space Invaders